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What’s for Dinner? Sunday Link up #174

Thanksgiving is almost here – less than two weeks! So many things to plan and get done. And still, we have to decide for today…   This is the place to answer that question! The home of a collection of … Continue reading

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Broiled Salmon and Tomatillos

We had a nice crop of tomatillos this year, thanks to a neighbor who shared! Some got husked and put in the freezer, others got cooked or put into salsa. This dish has those tasty, tart green fruit broiled on … Continue reading

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Summer Squash au Gratin

It used to be those summer squash (you know the little patty pan, yellow zucchini, that kind) was only available in the summer. But with modern transportation systems, it’s available pretty much year round. Here’s a warmed up way to … Continue reading

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3 Healthy (And Delicious) Alternatives to Carb-Heavy Side Dishes

Cutting out carbs is one of the biggest hurdles when you’re trying to eat better. They often make up a lot of calories in a meal, especially if you’re eating things like rice and pasta. If you remove those carb-heavy … Continue reading

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What’s for Dinner? Sunday link up #173

The holiday season has officially kicked off. I think we’re all planning that big Thanksgiving feast as well as Christmas cookies, gift giving, parties, planning, going going…AHHH.. Wait, we still need to figure out today! So the question is…   … Continue reading

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Crockpot Beer Braised Pork Sliders

It’s National Sandwich Day! And here is an amazing pork sandwich that will help you celebrate the day! The story goes that John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich (a city in the Shire of Kent, England) loved to play … Continue reading

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