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What’s for Dinner? Sunday link up #181

Christmas is over and a brand new year beckons us to start fresh. I have some great new posts planned for 2019 and hope to see you all there! But until then, my family still asks…   This is the … Continue reading

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Smoked Trout and Canadian Bacon Hash

I love hash! This one has the smokey but low fat flavors of Canadian bacon enhanced by the sweetness of smoked trout. If you can’t find trout, any smoked fish will work and still be delicious!

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Merry Christmas

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What’s for Dinner? Sunday Link up #180

Just two more days and it’s Christmas. I hope everyone is ready – and excited! And then when the day comes to a close, we have the rest of the week to get ready for New Years – and we … Continue reading

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Bierocks – Beef and Cabbage Stuffed Rolls

What’s are bierocks you ask? It’s a meat stuffed yeast roll that originated in Eastern Europe. It’s speculated that it started in Russia. Similar to pirogi, it’s a common dish in German communities in the U.S. Having roots in those … Continue reading

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Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Onions

Yesterday was National Maple Syrup day, a day to celebrate the sweet sap of the maple tree. Do not confuse the real deal with bottled “pancake syrup” that uses artificial everything. Real maple syrup is delicious and rich and full … Continue reading

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What’s for Dinner? Sunday link up #179

One week from Tuesday is Christmas. Are you ready? Are all the presents wrapped and cookies baked? NOT! And with still so much to do, can you answer me this?   This is the place to answer that question! The … Continue reading

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National Bouillabaisse Day

Bouillabaisse? What the heck is that you might ask. It’s a seafood stew (or soup) that originated in France. There are many versions and no one quite agrees which is the most authentic. The stuff has been around in some … Continue reading

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Brand Ballot Best Food Blogs

There is a website called Brand Ballot. They choose blogs from various themes and create a list of those they feel have an authentic story. And for 2018, we made it to the list! Check it out! Best Food Blogs … Continue reading

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National Cocoa Day – Lavender Cocoa

Did you know there’s a difference between hot chocolate and hot cocoa? Here in the U.S. we tend to use the terms interchangeably, but there is a difference! Hot chocolate is literally drinking chocolate – shavings of chocolate melted into … Continue reading

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