California Cobb Salad


The California Cobb Salad – The signature dish of the Brown Derby Restaurant in Los Angeles – a hearty main course perfect for a summer evening.

California has an eclectic list of foods that are fresh and vibrant. I grew up in Southern California and I remember the fresh fish right off the dory boats in Newport Beach. We had a lot of summer grills with burgers and corn – and the oranges! When the trees would start to blossom the smell permeated the air for miles! The avocado is the state fruit and fusion foods have found their way across the state. They even have their own pizza, topped with fresh ingredients like fresh tomatoes, basil leaves and olive oil. Then there’s the California roll, fish tacos – and did you know cioppino was invented in San Francisco?

Which brings me to this week’s recipe –

The California Cobb Salad.

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Cherry Rum Barbecue Sauce


My husband and I discovered some amazing spiced rum. We were apprehensive because most spiced rums taste like chemicals to us. This one…this one tasted like cherries!! It is my new favorite cooking alcohol. It is delicious to soak berries, adding just some whipped cream on top. It’s fabulous in coke – cherry coke!

And it makes for an amazing, sticky sweet barbecue sauce!

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National Oyster Day


It’s National Oyster Day!

Yep – there is a day to celebrate oysters. You either hate or love these briny bivalve mollusks – and I love them! With over 100 species of oysters to choose from, more than 2 billion pounds of these tasty shellfish get eaten every year! The largest area of growth is in the Chesapeake Bay. Oyster farming goes all the way back to the Roman times in France and England. And according to the Romans, they are a great aphrodisiac. (BTW – new science shows evidence of an amino acid that triggers the sex hormones in humans. So this may be more than a myth!).

fresh oyster

Full of vitamins and minerals, the raw oyster packs the biggest punch. The most important thing to remember is safety. They must be eaten or cooked alive. If the shell is slightly open and it does not close when you tap on it, trash it. How they taste and their texture is determined by where they are grown. The range from sweet to briny to buttery – and gooey to chewy. And, I may be a little biased, but I think the huge Pacific Oysters are the best! A sweet but briny flavor and just enough chew for a good mouth feel. The Olympia oysters of Puget Sound run a real close second. But mind you, this is just my opinion. The smaller, sweeter East coast mollusks have their own following!

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What’s for Dinner? Sunday link up #212


What’s for Dinner??

August is here -where did the summer go? Seems like it just started. I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to get all this fresh summer produce I can get! So it’s off to the farmer’s market and then making the plan – deciding…

what's for dinner?

  Well come on over – this is the place to answer that question! This is the home of a collection of fabulous recipes! A collaboration of ideas ~

It’s What’s for Dinner!

So come on in and party with us!

Share as many as five RECIPES you haven’t shared in the last month!

               Remember, be sure there is an edible recipe in your post.

 Here are the some delicious ideas that were shared last week (and not just for dinner!):

 Please stop by and visit our featured bloggers – next week might be you!

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Wisconsin Butter Burger


The mid-West seems to be the place to find an unusual burger! Well how about trying the Wisconsin Butter Burger!

Wisconsin produces over 2 BILLION pounds of beef a year – third in the nation. And they make about the same amount of cheese! So it stands to reason that a cheeseburger of some sort would be an iconic food of this state!

The butter burger started way back in 1936 at Solly’s Coffee Shop (now Solly’s Grille). You start with angus sirloin that is either stuffed with a pat of butter or topped with a dollop that melts its way down the sides and into the bun.

butter burger

Having never been to Wisconsin, I’m going only on what I’ve read. So this burger is my take on what sounds like an incredible sandwich! Continue reading

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