Taco Tuesday #3 – National Taco Day!

Today is National Taco Day!!  Lets Celebrate with a BIG Party!

It's Taco Tuesday

Every Tuesday through Thursday, stop on by and share your favorite recipe for tacos – and find some new ones for your repertoire!  There are just three requests:

  1. Post only taco or taco related posts.  Recipes, places you’ve eaten fantastic tacos, anything about tacos!  And they don’t need to be traditional tacos – lets get creative!
  2. Visit some of the other links!
  3. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

That’s it!  Every week I’ll feature the top two posts from the week before – and if you leave a comment,  you’ll get a tweet out and pinned too!!

We’re pretty new on the party scene, so make sure to tell your friends!

Soup Spice Everything Nice had the most visited taco!  Check out the Mushroom Chili Rellenos Tacos!

 The second most visited posts was Ground Beef (or Turkey) Taco meat from Table for Seven.  (Sometimes those ground beef tacos are just the best!)

Are you ready?  Let’s go tacoing!

And Happy National Taco Day!