3 Autumn Soups From Around The World

You can’t go wrong with homemade soup during autumn and winter. It’s a dish that instantly warms you up and can brighten even the darkest of days. Plus, soup is so versatile! You can find countless meat-free soup recipes or ones that are packed full of different meats. There’s something for every appetite and diet preference, which you can’t say about many other meals. 

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In today’s post, we’re going on a trip around the world to bring you some new soupspiration for the colder period of the year. Here are three autumnal soups from around the world you should try: 

Caldo de Res – Mexico

We’ll kick things off in one of the best places in the world for exceptional food. Mexico has a long history of coming up with iconic dishes that people across the globe love. Today, we’re looking at a soup called Caldo de Res, which is a warming dish made with beef and a whole host of vegetables. All you need is some beef, bone broth, and vegetables. Pick whatever ones you like, but corn and zucchini are favorites in Mexico. Then, it’s a simple case of making your broth with beef on the bone, garlic, some bay leaves, and salt. Take the beef out when it’s cooked and add the veggies, then re-add the beef when they’re done. That’s all there is to it; simple and amazingly hearty on a cold autumnal day. 

French Onion Soup – France

French onion soup is an absolute classic that has warmed French stomachs for generations. The trick here is caramelizing all of the onions in the beginning, getting them nice and sticky. You have to take your time here, ensuring that you don’t burn them. The caramelization can take around 40 minutes, so turn the heat down and be patient. You’re then able to cheat a bit and use a beef stock cube to make your stock and pour it in once the onions have caramelized. Some bay leaves, thyme, and a bit of brandy can be added for extra flavor as well. Simmer for around 30 minutes while you cut some French bread and put melted Gruyere cheese on top. Place this on the soup when serving up so it melts into the bowl. Wonderfully French, and absolutely perfect in autumn. 


Goulash – Hungary

The national dish of Hungary, goulash is absolutely a must-try in the colder months. You can make this with beef in the more traditional sense, but it’s the perfect soup for veggies to try as well. Get rid of the beef and only use vegetables throughout. The soupy sauce needs sweet Hungarian paprika too – this is the secret ingredient, but don’t use smoked paprika! It’s a very easy soup to make that probably requires more preparation than anything else. Once your vegetables are cut and ready to be cooked in the soup, it’s just a case of sitting back and simmering away. In the meantime, you could whip up some delicious potato cakes to serve alongside it. 

These are the top three autumnal soups from around the world that you should try this year. Give them a go if you fancy something other than leek and potato or butternut squash soup for once!

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