4 Fun Ways To Finally Enjoy Being Healthy!

The problem with trying to be healthier is that you don’t enjoy the process. If it were fun, you’d happily take your life in a healthier direction and reap the benefits. Unfortunately, it feels like a grind, which is why you attempt to tweak your lifestyle, but give-in to boredom and temptation.

The monotony of it all is too much and you have to cave. So, the key is to make your health exciting and novel. Then, you’d be more likely to stick to the plan and lead a happier life. How do you do it?

You start by reading the pointers below.

Don’t Exercise Alone

Going to the gym or jogging around the park is a slog when you’re on your own. After all, there isn’t anyone to push you and to prevent you from letting the negative thoughts into your head. With that in mind, you should work out with people so that there is a social element to your well being. People who exercise in groups are less likely to quit as they feel guilty if they let their partner down. Also, the chatting and the laughter will take your mind off the hard work until, before you know it, you’re almost done!

Ditch The Cold Turkey Method

Your goal is to be healthier, which is why you’re going to cut out anything that is even potentially bad for your diet. That means all the sweet stuff and junk food is out and replaced by leafy greens and lean meats. While the logic is on point, the execution is tough because you’re essentially going cold turkey. Once you do, the cravings and temptation are more intense as you’ll hate the fact that you might never have a burger and fries again. Reduce your saturated fat intake, by all means, yet please don’t eliminate them. Remember that cheats help to motivate you to be healthier for longer.


Try Non-starvation Diets

Some of the diets you come across will expect you to exercise five times per week while consuming 1,000 calories a day. This isn’t realistic, nor is it healthy as you’ll lack the fuel to work out at a high-intensity for an extended period. Instead, you want a plan that aids weight loss without starving you to the bone. A clean keto diet is excellent as it involves plenty of calories that offer all-day energy. Alternatively, the mimicking fasting program is good at tricking the brain into thinking it’s fasting while you consume food. Boosting your metabolism and eating simultaneously is pretty fun!

Recognize Low-intensity Exercise Benefits

A selection of the worst myths regarding health include, “it’s not effective unless you sweat,” or something to that point. In reality, you don’t need to flog yourself over hot coals to see the lifestyle advantages. Walking is a low-intensity activity that you might take for granted. However, it’s very effective at targeting fat reserves if you do it for forty-minutes or longer.

Let’s face it – isn’t the thought of a long walk more enjoyable than a HiiT class?!

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