4 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Experience

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Many people have a negative relationship with their kitchen. From trying to eat healthy when they don’t have the time, to dealing with a pile of dirty dishes every day of the week. It’s easy to understand why someone would much rather eat out every night to save themselves the hassle. But, your kitchen experience doesn’t have to be a negative one. If anything, it should be a place where you get creative and have fun. If you’re unsure how this is possible, here are four ways you can improve your kitchen experience.

Keep Your Utensils Prepped 

There’s nothing worse than planning something for dinner only to find your favorite pan is ruined with burned-on sauce from three days ago. This is enough to make anyone feel they may as well go to bed hungry, but it’s not too difficult to keep pots and pans clean or safely sharpen your knives to ensure a swift, clean cut every time. Maintaining your utensils and taking the time to clean, sharpen, or season them will vastly improve your culinary experience and improve safety in the kitchen. 

Clean As You Go

It’s easier to stay on top of the dishes, utensils, and more if you clean up as you go. It’s a habit I developed a long time ago. It is something that more experienced chefs learn to embrace, and it’s ideal for those with a small kitchen, no dishwasher, or little time to spend clearing everything up once you’ve eaten dinner. By cleaning as you go, you can reuse pans that may be required later, meaning you don’t need to dirty another pan, which will keep the kitchen clutter down. It isn’t just the pots and pans, either. Any surfaces you aren’t going to use anymore should be wiped down, too. 

Embrace The Scrap Bag 

Food scraps are rarely pleasant. From pepper seeds to garlic skins and the fat on the end of a pork chop, they will smell and can clog up your counters or chopping board. Knowing what to do with food scraps can drastically improve your experience. A scrap bag or bowl can serve as a convenient place for you to drop everything you cut off the main ingredients and save you running back and forth to your garbage. 

Try New Things 

Whether due to time or laziness, a lot of people fall into the habit of eating the same thing each week. These meals are mostly quick and simple, but they also become boring after a while. Trying new things, whether you make your own homemade kebabs or no-bake mascarpone cheesecake, will make you see how much potential your kitchen actually has. Doing this will give you something new to try and improve your cooking, which you’ll eventually be able to show off to friends. 

Having Fun!

You don’t need to explore new flavors and recipes every day, and there will still be times when you order food rather than face up to making a substantial meal. If you want to improve your kitchen experience, these ideas can help you get the basics down. From there, you can see where this adventure takes you. 


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