8 Top Kid-Friendly Cooking Shows

8 Top Kid-Friendly Cooking Shows That Inspire Young Chefs

Discovering an enjoyable hobby that simultaneously entertains and educates your child can often be difficult. Yet, if your young one is curious about culinary creations or sampling new dishes, steering them towards children’s cooking shows might just be the perfect solution.


Imagine this – your child whisking away in the kitchen, exploring gastronomy’s delights as you all laugh and create lasting bonds. That’s precisely what these programs bring to your doorstep – learning intertwined with fun-filled family gatherings. Here’s our handpicked list of the best cooking shows for kids that you really should check out.

Best Cooking Shows for Kids

Waffles & Mochi

The Netflix series Waffles & Mochi, featuring Michelle Obama, offers a fantastic resource for parents struggling with finicky eaters as well as those looking to spark curiosity in children about various cuisines. This charming series, which premiered in March 2021, follows the adventures of two puppets on a global journey to discover and learn about diverse food ingredients.

The Great British Baking Show

For families with a penchant for baking or those who love watching it, “The Great British Baking Show” offers an engaging watch. This beloved series assembles a diverse set of contestants, challenging them to masterfully create intricate breads, pastries, and cakes. Delving into this show, viewers of all ages will find themselves rooting for participants in the hopes they receive the much-coveted “Hollywood handshake” from renowned judge Paul Hollywood.

Christina Tosi’s Bake Club

During a quarantine, with limited activities available, children can easily become agitated due to a surplus of energy. To counteract this, Christina Tosi, the visionary behind Milk Bar, has initiated an engaging project to lift spirits amidst pandemic challenges.

Join Bake Club, aired weekly on Instagram, where participants have the chance to bake in real-time with Tosi, accompanied by cheerful tunes. Ingredients for the upcoming session are announced a day prior, adding an element of surprise as attendees speculate on the possible dish before it’s revealed live. Keep an eye out for appearances from Butter, Tosi’s adorable dog, who occasionally joins in on the fun.

Sugar Rush

Netflix’s beloved culinary contest, Sugar Rush, has captivated food enthusiasts for several seasons. In this contest, we see four baker crews face off in not one but three adrenaline-pumping contests all vying for that juicy check worth $10K! With each round, one team faces elimination. Cooking icons such as Adriano Zumbo and Sprinkles Cupcakes’ very own Candace Nelson are gracing the judges’ panel this year. Young folks are all in on Sugar Rush because it moves fast and keeps them hooked from start to finish.

You can watch this show on Paramount Plus. But how to access Paramount Plus? Naturally, you can watch Paramount Plus without any additional hassle after purchasing a subscription if you’re in one of the regions where the show is available. If you are wondering how to stream Paramount Plus due to regional restrictions, then just use a VPN.

Junior Baking Show

The latest season of the beloved The Great British Baking Show spin-off, tailored for younger audiences, is scheduled for its Netflix debut on August 17. Although it premiered in the U.K. earlier this year, fans worldwide can soon enjoy the series.

Mirroring the charm of the original GBBO series, this kid-centric version offers soothing tunes, warm-hearted exchanges, and episodes centered on various sweet treats. Contestants vie for the weekly title of Star Baker inside the iconic tent, all while aiming for a spot in the grand finale.

Disney’s Be Our Chef

It’s still up in the air if “Be Our Chef,” Disney’s delightful cooking contest series, will see a second season. However, revisiting the first season is a treat for families. Streaming only on Disney+ and hosted by Angela Kinsey from “The Office,” the show features families competing to create a three-course meal. The prize? Their winning dish gets a spot on a Walt Disney World menu. It’s an engaging watch that combines culinary creativity with family-friendly competition.


Kids Baking Championship

Watching youthful competitors showcase their culinary skills on a riveting and engaging baking show can captivate and motivate children. Guided by Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli, these gifted young bakers vie for the top prize, a lucrative $25,000 in cash.

My World Kitchen

“My World Kitchen” shines as an exceptional culinary series from England, showcasing young chefs from diverse ethnicities. Together with their families, these budding cooks prepare traditional meals to share with their friends, beautifully highlighting the links between food, culture, and community.


Cooking transcends being merely a life skill—it’s a form of art. Should your child have a penchant for food preparation, introducing them to kids’ cooking shows can spark their creativity in the kitchen. Witnessing their peers on these programs will not only encourage them to explore cooking more profoundly but also push them towards engaging with cookbooks and grasping culinary concepts.

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