Who Needs Starbucks? Improving Your Coffee At Home

A visit to a coffee shop is part of a daily ritual for many people, including me!  But it can become an expensive habit.  With most people spending $2-5 on their daily cup of joe, it’s something that can really add up over the year.  Wish you could get great tasting coffee at home?  Here’s how to up your coffee game for a better taste every time.


Invest in a good coffee machine

If all you have at home is instant, it’s no wonder you prefer to go to your local Starbucks than enjoy a pot of home-brewed java. Investing in a good machine is the first step to being able to make great coffee. There are several different types of coffee machine to choose from, and some presses can deliver a great result if your budget is tight. Read more about how to choose the right coffee machine to work out the best solution for you. You’ll make the money spent back in no time by saving on your daily take-out coffee.

Use filtered water

You wouldn’t think that the type of water you use to make your coffee would make a difference to its taste, but there is plenty of research that proves that this is in fact true. Filtering your water can improve the taste of your coffee and is easily done with a water filtering system, either through a plug-in device or a modification to your kitchen. Remember to use fresh water when you make your coffee and never re-boil. Give it a try and see if the taste of your coffee starts improving.  I did and the difference was significant!

Explore different types of coffee

One of the best ways to get a better tasting coffee is to try out different varieties of coffee to help you find ‘the one’.  You might surprise yourself with the types of coffee you can pick up at your local grocery store, or experiment with different flavors.  Why not explore some Coffee Luwak (or Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee as it’s widely known) or some artisanal coffee?  Trying a range of flavors will show you that there’s more out there than your standard brew, and could help you discover a new favorite.  

Learn to make your own latte art

If the thing you love about your morning take-out coffee is the beautiful latte art, then why not learn to do it yourself?  It’s actually easier than it looks and reading a latte art guide can give you some easy pointers on how to do it.  Your friends and family will be impressed by your efforts, and who knows – you could even discover a new career as a top barista?


Coffee is such a staple for many people, and there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a better cup at home.  Invest in a reusable takeaway cup for when you’re on the move or take a flask with you to get you through the working day.  Every coffee deserves a nice treat to go with it, especially during the winter months, so take a look at these great hot drink and treat combinations for inspiration. With the money you save on your to-go coffee, you can afford to treat yourself in other ways!

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  1. As a former coffee shop owner I have to say that the commercial brewers do produce something a Home machine can’t BUT you can come close! No one needs to waist so much money on drinks

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