Creating A Pop-Up Kitchen When You Cook For Friends

Do your friends always ask you to come to one of their parties and cook?  Would you like to turn that passion into something that could one day help you to earn a living?  Then you’ll need to get used to the idea of creating a pop-up kitchen whenever someone makes a request of that nature.  Sure, in some instances, you can use the kitchen in your friend’s home.  However, sometimes they’ll ask you to cook outdoors, and for that, you’re going to need a range of different equipment.  Some of the most important of which get mentioned below.

Portable grills and ovens

You have a couple of options when it comes to cooking outside or away from a house. First, you might think about investing in a barbecue-style grill for all that meat.  Of course, sometimes you don’t want to grill everything, and so you will want to choose one of the many portable grills and ovens available on the market.  Depending on how much you can afford to spend, there are lots of different solutions.  You can even get portable hobs for warming food in saucepans and things like that.  So, do yourself a favor and take a look at some of the best designs available right now.

Mobile mini fridges

There are a couple of reasons you will want to buy a mini-fridge for your pop-up kitchen. There is no getting away from the fact that you will need something to keep that meat and other ingredients cold and free from bacteria.  However, you also need a fridge to keep those desserts cool.  Of course, some chefs like to have a drink or two while they prepare food, and so you might think about adding a couple of cans of beer too.  When it comes to identifying the best mini refrigerator available, you just need to read some online reviews from previous buyers. That should make it much easier than it would have been to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Utensils, lots of utensils

Lastly, you’ll need to get hold of lots of different utensils based on the type of food you plan to prepare with your pop-up kitchen.  At the very least, you are going to require:

  • A set of chef’s knives (I like ceramic)
  • A garlic press
  • A cheese grater
  • Kitchen shears
  • A potato masher
  • A lemon press
  • And much more

In most instances, you can buy all those items as part of a kit and save a fortune.  So, make sure you shop around and avoid purchasing all those tools individually. You will end up spending a lot more than you should if you take that approach.

Now you know how to create the ideal pop-up kitchen; you just need to put some of that advice into action.  If you start making plans right now, you could cook for your friend’s special occasion by this time next week.  You just have to make sure you find some tasty recipes they are going to love.  Of course, you can take some of those from this blog!  That’s why they’re here!

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