Freezing Berries – Saving Summer’ Harvest

I love summer’s berries. We eat them fresh all summer and we want to save some for later in the year. Freezing them saves the sweetness and the frozen berries can be used in so many things!


Here’s how you do it:

Most fruits and vegetables require a quick blanching to keep them fresh in the freezer – but no so with berries.

Start by washing them gently, then letting them dry.

I have a cotton dish towel that has been named “the berry towel”. Berries will stain, so this just gets used for drying berries.

Lay them out on a towel or paper towels and let them dry for a couple of hours. You want to make sure there is no water on them that can cause frost to develop while they are in the freezer.

Lay a sheet of wax paper on a sheet pan. Lay the berries, in a single layer on top.

Freeze for three to four hours. Once they are frozen, transfer them to a labeled freezer bag. Make sure the bag is made for the freezer. Regular storage bags don’t protect the berry.


Freezing them on the sheet pan keeps them separated – each berry individual in the bag. This means you can take out what you need without thawing out the whole bag. Great when you like to use them as ice cubes in sparkling water like I do!!


These are boysenberries, but it’s the same process for all berries, including blues.


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