Fried Pickles – An Arkansas Invention

Next state up – Arkansas, the home of fried pickles!

Well I guess I missed the Friday post! Life has been hectic. I’m still trying to find that balance with the (not so) new job, blogging and my part time business! And I’m not doing too well with it. BUT – here is the post, just a few days late.

Arkansas. These folks love to fry. Fried catfish; fried chicken; chicken fried steak; fried okra – and fried pickles!

Fried Pickles

Back in 1963, the Duchess Drive-in put these tasty morsels on their menu. Located across from a pickle factory, the owner, Burnell “Fatman” Austin, dropped some burger pickle chips into the catfish batter and fried them up. And there you have it. All though a recipe for fried pickles was published in 1962 in a California newspaper. Sweet pickles dipped in pancake batter and absolutely nothing like that salty dill pickle dredge in a cornmeal breading. So Arkansas is taking credit for the place that fried pickles were created!

The originals were cut into round chips. And some places have given them their own touch but cutting them into strips. Fried pickle strips.

My first experience with these morsels was here in Oregon. That first bite was unexpectedly delicious and I loved them. I sat and picked one apart trying to determine what was on them. And, I came home and made them. I shared it here in 2016. My recipe hasn’t changed – and I still love them.

Here’s How to Do it:

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fried pickles

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