Green Eggs and Ham

When I was a teacher, St. Patrick’s day was the perfect time to learn about the color green – and what better book to read than Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham?  To top it off, that’s what we had for lunch!  So in honor of the good doctor’s birthday, March 2 – Here it is!



But be careful – it’s how you prepare it that makes ’em eat it! 

Older kids don’t care – they’ll eat anything, especially if it looks “gross”, but the younger kids have to see what you did.  Let them help – then they know they are really just eating ham and eggs – that are green!

Start with the ham.  Put a little butter in the pan and just a drop or two of food coloring into the butter.  (See the back piece on the photo – I added a little too much color – oops).  Fry the ham up on both sides and set aside on a dish and keep warm in the oven.

Next – put your eggs in a bowl and whisk them around.  Again, add just a drop or two of food coloring.  Let the kids whisk it up!  Pour it into the warm, green butter that is already in the pan and Scramble! Cook until the eggs are set.

Serve with a green apple, of course!

Happy St. Patty’s!

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