How to Eat Popcorn

Yesterday as National Popcorn day! This post was scheduled to run at 6:20am – but I put in January 20 instead of the 19 – So this post is late. However…

What is popcorn? Popcorn is one of America’s favorite snacks. It’s been around for thousands of years. The oldest known popcorn were kernels found in the “Bat Cave” of New Mexico and was dates at more then 5,600 years old. Ancient art work from several countries in the America’s depicts pop kernels. Corn (the old English word for grain), or maize, is a staple in this part of the world. American colonists added sugar and milk and ate it like breakfast cereal.

But what exactly is this food, popcorn?

There are four varieties of corn; sweet corn (the kind we eat on the cob), field corn (we call this feed corn. It’s the kind grown to feed animals), flint corn (AKA the decorative “Indian” corn) and popcorn. Deep inside the kernel of this corn is a tiny droplet of water. After the dried kernel is heated, that tiny little drop of water turns to steam and builds up pressure. When the pressure is enough, the kernel explodes and turns inside out. And you have, Popcorn!


So how do you eat it?

Here’s How to Eat Popcorn:

There are so many ways to eat popcorn. Below you’ll find a couple of ideas to add flavors, but there is one key – making the toppings stick.

Start with about 4 to 6 cups of popped corn.

If you are adding powdered ingredients, make sure you toss the bowl of kernels in oil first.

Add the seasonings and toss again. This makes sure all the powder is evenly distributed and all the kernels are covered.

Taco Flavored

The easiest way to make this is simply top it with a taco seasoning packet. You can also mix chili powder, chipotle powder, cumin and onion powder.


Pizza Flavored

Add garlic powder and parmesan cheese. Mince pepperoni and add that.

Curry Popcorn

Mix together curry powder, anise powder and smoked paprika.

Ranch Popcorn

Super easy here! Just add a package of dry ranch dressing mix.


Like sweet popcorn? Try mixing it with crisp bacon bits and caramel. Or cinnamon and sugar. There are so many variations. Pick your favorite flavors, add it to the popped corn and enjoy!!

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  1. I love popcorn, special seasonings make it even better! Thanks so much for linking up at Food Friday 6 for Snack Recipes. Shared.

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