How To Eat Well During Changing Work Shifts

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to manage when you work different shifts. Sleeping is harder, fitting in time to be social is harder, and worst of all, finding ways to get in the right nutrition is very difficult. Whether you work nights or days or a mix of both, you need to learn how to eat well during your shifts so that you can stay awake enough to do your job!

Doctors, nurses, midwives and all those in the healthcare profession spend all of their time working hard to keep people alive. Often, this comes at the sacrifice of their own health and wellbeing. Whether you are bored with eating the same thing or not, you need to ensure that you are eating well no matter the pattern of shifts you’re working. Eating properly is imperative to your survival on shift, and not only do you have the energy that you need, certain shifts can help you to improve your mood and help symptoms of burnout before they’ve even begun. So, how can you eat well during your shifts?

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Breakfast Like A King.

Whatever time of day your shift is, you need to make the first meal your biggest one. Getting a meal kit delivery instead of cooking can help you to get a balanced meal full of nutrients, and it’s already made for you so that you just have to warm it all through. This will keep you fueled and able to get through the next twelve hours of your shift. Eating a big meal overnight can be upsetting for your stomach, so eat big and you’ll work better than you think!


Come Home to A Snack.

After your shift, eat a little meal before you go to bed. You need to eat enough to satiate what you need, but not too much that you’re uncomfortable when you’re in bed. Something as simple as fruit and yogurt will be a great snack and filled with the right nutrition.


Avoid Fatty/Spicy Options.

Cut down your spicy foods if you don’t want to play havoc with your stomach. You want to ensure that your food is packed with vitamins and minerals while also providing you with comfort. No one needs reflux after a long work shift! Heartburn is going to wreck your sleep, and you really need to sleep!


Bring Snacks.

Whatever time of day you’re working, bring snacks and pack a lunch. You want to make sure that you are well fed no matter the time of day or night, but you need to make sure that you avoid too much sugar. Yes, you will get an energy hit, but no one wants to feel sluggish too fast as a result.


Lots of Water.

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I can’t say that enough. Caffeine carries many professionals through a long day, but water is what you really need. It’ll keep you hydrated and healthy and it keeps your brain fueled at all times. Drink water to ensure that you stay awake and don’t dehydrate as a result. You will also feel fuller!

So make sure you are properly fueling your body and you’ll make it through some difficult times.


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