In Remembrance

On this day in 2001, our country faced one of the most devastating, terrifying and unifying events in our recent history.  The World Trade Centers and the Pentagon were attacked.  Another attack was thwarted by a plane full of brave Americans.

During this time we all pulled together.  We became one as a nation, standing together in our place as Americans.  We hung signs that said – Never Forget.

And here we are, 16 years later, full of anger and division.  Not because of any terrorist or politician – but because we have become blind to anything other than our own ideas.  We have lost the ability to respectfully agree to disagree.  I believe we have forgotten.

So on this day of remembrance, I challenge every one of you to look your neighbor in the eye and see past the political positions – see past the religious persuasions – don’t look at race or ethnicity or sexual orientation.  I challenge you to look at each person around you and see someone that is just like you – living the pursuit of happiness and standing proud to be an American.

We all have had different experiences that have brought us to this point in our journey.  It is those experiences that shape who we are – our belief systems, our values and our political views.  And as the journey continues, odds are some of those will change.  Maybe a little or maybe a lot.  But we are all on the same journey.

Stand with me today in unity one more time.  Lets hold hands and say – We are Americans and we will not be broken.


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