It Is Picnic Season – What Could Be Better?

When the sun is shining, there is nothing people love more than a picnic. Whether a romantic occasion with your partner, or a fun lunch with your colleagues, a picnic offers many benefits. It is a great way to embrace the outdoors, enjoy healthy food, stay active, and boost your mood. 

However, what is a picnic without a picnic basket? Wicker baskets are a perfect choice, and there are numerous reasons why this is the case. Firstly, there is the appearance of wicker. There is little denying that this weaving approach is a beautiful one, and the traditional and rustic style is perfectly suited to that of a picnic basket. Of course, there are unique designs available today, catering to all requirements. 

The other reason why wicker picnic baskets are so great is because of their strength and durability. They will last for many years to come, especially if you choose a premium material, such as willow. So, find a good retailer with a great range of picnic baskets, and make sure they offer good discounts too. You can get some delicious plant-based foods to go inside from the likes of No Evil Foods too.

Wicker Picnic Baskets

Wicker is something you are no doubt familiar with, but you may be confused regarding what wicker actually is. If you look online, there are plenty of questions such as ‘what is the difference between wicker and rattan’ and ‘should I buy wicker or willow baskets?’ To avoid any confusion, read on.

The terms ‘rattan’ and ‘wicker’, as well as ‘willow’ and ‘wicker’, are often confused. Due to their popularity, they are interchanged by error. The truth is that willow and rattan are both materials, whereas wicker is not. Therefore, rattan and willow can both be types of wicker. This is because wicker is the name of the weaving process, as opposed to being the name of any single material. This is something that comes as a shock to a lot of people, even those that have purchased wicker picnic baskets before. Because of this, wicker furniture and wicker baskets can be made from a whole host of materials, including both manmade and natural materials. The material simply needs to be durable and pliable enough to be woven into furniture. There is little denying, however, that rattan and willow especially are two of the most popular materials used in wicker. 

Interestingly, wicker has been used for many, many years now, and its origins can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Back then, wealthy pharaohs had many wicker items, and middle-class families had a small number of pieces. Wicker was made from swamp grasses and reed in ancient Egypt.

Summer is simply not complete without a picnic, is it? So to put together the perfect picnic, you need to start with a good picnic basket. Use the advice and suggestions that we have provided above to find a picnic basket that you can rely on for more summers to come.

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