Jell-O Eggs


Jell-O and Easter go together like soup and sandwich!  So why not make Jell-O eggs?  I bought one of the egg shaped molds once and got frustrated because the Jell-O always stuck to the sides!  Now I just use real eggs.  Here’s how…

First you need to get the egg out of the shell.  To do this, gently piece one side of the egg with a thick needle.


Do this very slowly with a slight twisting motion to prevent breaking the shell. 533887_20150322_070109









Then turn the egg over and piece the other side, making a bit larger of a hole.


Blow the egg out into a bowl (omelet time!) and rinse the inside of the shell.  Do this for 6-12 eggs, depending on how many you want for your celebration.


After the shells are dry, use tape to close up the smaller end – and make sure the larger openings are big enough for a funnel.20150327_060041








To mix the Jell-O, follow the directions on the box, using only ¼ of the hot water and ¾ of the cold water.  I used only ½ of each package.  If you do this, you will need to empty it to measure how much powder is in the box.  Use half of that and then cut your water accordingly.

Put the funnel into the top of the egg and pour.  You can make them all one color or mix the colors (I used lime, orange and lemon).  If you layer, allow time in between layers for the Jell-O to set – usually about 30-40 minutes.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are going to layer the Jell-O to make rings, do NOT mix sugar free with the full sugar version.  The layers will not stick together and you’ll have little Jell-O rings!

Once all the eggs have been filled and have set long enough to set (I prefer to do 24 hours just to be sure!), CAREFULLY peel the eggs.  If you put too much pressure on the shell, you’ll damage the Jell-O inside.  Most of the time, the thin membrane inside the shell stays on the shell, but you may occasionally have to pull it off the Jell-O with fingernails or tweezers.

Place your “eggs” in a bowl or in egg cups and serve – refreshing Jell-O Eggs!



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  1. These are so cute- I don’t think I have ever seen this done! Thanks for sharing at Social Media Weekly! I have another party going on right now, Treasure Box Tuesday, where these would be great to link up, too!

    I hope you’re having a great week, and Happy Easter!

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