What Makes Fresh Taste Better?

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If you’ve ever compared a frozen piece of chicken cooked alongside a fresh, free-range piece of chicken, then you’ve undoubtedly tasted the difference in quality.  It’s a combination of texture, flavor and smell that ultimately make up what it means to have a good piece of food.  Where the food comes from, however, can also have a psychological impact on how we see certain meals. For instance, there are case studies that show that consumers are more likely to pay more for emotive wine labels.  So in a way, the psychology of knowing that your food is fresh can also help improve your dining experience.

But is it really such a big deal, and how can we create fresher food to give ourselves a better meal? Let’s find out.

Reasons for Fresh Tasting Better Than Anything Else

It can be hard to pinpoint why fresh-tasting food is better than frozen or anything else, so here are a couple of points:

  • Fresh food contains all of its original flavors meaning that you don’t get any extra additives and no flavor is lost during transportation or handling
  • Fresh food is seasonal so you can only get certain fresh foods at certain times of the year.  If you get something frozen or something that’s been left out for too long, it will lose some texture and flavor
  • Fresh food is healthier because it has more nutritional value than something that has been frozen and transported

There are many other reasons why fresh food is better, but let’s take a look at how you can obtain fresher food outside of going to a supermarket.

Growing Your Own Food and Being Self-Sufficient

The most obvious way of getting fresh food is to grow it yourself and become self-sufficient.  This has plenty of advantages, but you’re going to need some equipment if you want to eat anything above fruits and vegetables.  For instance, this article at Chicken Hub will give you plenty of ideas on how to pick the right egg incubator to help you hatch eggs. While it does take some time (and guts) to prepare a chicken for consumption, it also takes a lot of study and effort to learn the right methods to ensure quality through and through.

Of course, that also applies to your growing habits too.  If you aren’t sure about how to grow your own crops to eat, then you’ll need to learn how to garden in order to get the best start.  There are many benefits to growing your own food, such as:

  • Having control over your crops so you can pick and choose what goes on your family table
  • It makes your yard look a little more inviting
  • Your food is always fresh and ripe
  • It lowers your grocery bill because you aren’t paying others to farm for you
  • It’s a great way to start a family hobby and teach your children
  • Living green and being self-sufficient is a fantastic goal

As you can see, it takes a lot of work to become self-sufficient and grow your own food, but ensuring the freshness of your food can go a long way if you plan to impress or if you just want to save money on your bills.  There’s nothing like plucking vegetables out of your garden to make a pasta salad, so give gardening a try to get the freshest ingredients possible.  

So go on – enjoy some fresh food today!

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