My Kitchen Wish List

I love being in my kitchen. I get going and I go into a zen – total, peaceful, absorption. I don’t know about you, but I have my special tools and appliances that I can’t live without. And I have that wish list of things I so wish I had – and had room for storage! So here I go, sharing with you what I love.

First – The things I can’t live without.

My knife. I have a beautiful, 12 inch chef’s knife with a handmade wooden handle – made by my husband. It feels good in my hand and cuts beautifully!

Sea Salt. It seasons food beautifully both as an ingredient and as a finishing touch.

Pepper mill. Nothing – and I mean nothing – enhances a dish more than the subtle flavors of fresh ground black pepper. Nothing.

Grill pan. I cannot have a kitchen without a grill pan. I’m on my second one from Ikea – I use it a lot!

Liquid Smoke. Speaking of grill pan – you can get that smoky flavor of a grill if you add a little liquid smoke to the oil or liquid you’re cooking with. Almost as good as wood chips!

Cock pot. This appliance is my basic cooking tool during the winter months – and summer months – and – well – I guess every month!

My Wish List.

Air Fryer. I love fried foods. I’m trying to loose weight. The two do not work well together. But I keep seeing and hearing about the air fryer. I hear mixed reviews. Some say they don’t work. The food doesn’t crisp. But others swear by them. So I’m on the fence whether to buy.

Instapot. I want something that cooks that fast. I already have a crock pot, but I want the other features, all tied up into one appliance

Small, single cup coffee maker. I’m not interested in the pod kind, just a little coffee maker that brews 24 oz only. That ten cup pot wastes a lot of coffee. I’m the only coffee drinker in the house.

I’d love to hear your must have and wish list too!

Commence Cooking.


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2 Responses to My Kitchen Wish List

  1. Pat says:

    Good sharp knives are so important when preparing food. I splurged on a good set about 10 years ago and they are still sharp and make cutting vegetables and meat so easy.

    I also love my crockpot and my pressure cooker, but right now I’m really using my cast iron frying pans quite a bit. They get nice and hot and don’t require a lot of oil, and are useful to cook so many things I’ve been collecting Cast Iron Recipes on my Pinterest for inspiration.

    • HelenFern says:

      I love cast iron. And it actually released iron to your food too! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your favorites too!

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