National Sandwich Day – A Collection of Sandwiches

It’s National Sandwich day! I love sandwiches!! But what exactly is a sandwich?

The Cambridge dictionary says it’s two pieces of bread with other food between them. It could be cheese or meat, even salad. As long as it’s between two pieces of bread, it’s a sandwich!

sandwich day

The name – sandwich, is said to come from the Earl of Sandwich. As the story goes, the earl liked to gamble and wanted something he could eat with one hand. And he could stay at the table for long periods of time. The sandwich was the perfect choice!

So in honor of this iconic food, here are some delicious options. Some you can eat with one hand, some not so much! Feel free to add your own sandwiches to the list!


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4 Responses to National Sandwich Day – A Collection of Sandwiches

  1. Alene says:

    In Connecticut, we ate grinders. They probably still do, but I haven’t lived there in a long time. All kinds of Italian lunch meats, lettuce, tomatoes and a slice of provolone. And then heated up. Divine.

  2. Helen, thanks so much for linking up at a Link Party for Link Parties 1. Shared.

  3. Paula Short says:

    What a wonderful collection of sandwiches. I do love a good sandwiche..
    Thank you for sharing your link up with Sweet Tea & Friends this month.

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