Resolutions Ahead! 5 Habits To Enjoy In 2022

The turn of the year is rolling up on us and before you know it, you’re going to be inundated with people asking you exactly what your resolutions are. It’s the time of year we make changes and while we don’t need a new year coming in to make changes in life, it certainly has that ‘new chapter’ feel, doesn’t it? 

The New Year is peppered in resolutions. We resolve to be better, to do better, to try more, to feel more, to love harder. We resolve to set goals and start new habits and we work to ensure that we have a handle on the year ahead. It can feel good when you feel like you’re in control and whether that means finally getting your group fitness certification for your career or it means finally calling a mortgage advisor about the house you want, you deserve to choose resolutions that will give you the habits you want to enjoy in 2022. Let’s take a look at five you could choose to get started when the year turns.

  1. Choose a skill. There are plenty of skills that you can pick up in life and you have literally every single skill out there that you can choose from. The only rule that you can give yourself is to choose something that will serve your future. It doesn’t matter how or why you upskill, the point is that you’re going to expand your mind and ensure that you grow in so many ways when you choose to add skills to your life.
  2. Take a chance. On yourself, on someone you want to love, on your career. Stop telling yourself that you can’t do something and ask yourself why not you? Why can’t you be the one to do something amazing with their life? Why don’t you just take a chance and see what happens? Sure, it could all go the opposite way you want it to go, but that doesn’t matter. The point is that you try. So, in 2022, TRY!
  3. Forgive. Forgive yourself. For the moments you didn’t speak up, for the moments you didn’t say you loved someone, too, for the moments you didn’t grab an opportunity. 2022 is your year to grab what you want with both hands, which means that you need to start forgiving yourself for the things that you didn’t do and focus on the things that you are doing instead. 
  4. Reward yourself. Remember when you were a kid and stickers would be the ultimate goal on a Friday after school? Well, you need to do that again but this time, instead of using stickers, you should give yourself things to look forward to. A spa day when you get your promotion. A massage when you conquer a fear. Whatever your goals may be, make sure that they’re backed by rewards.
  5. Keep being curious. If there is something that intrigues you in 2022, devour it. Learn about it. Take that painting class. Learn to ski. There are plenty of ways that you can embrace your life and 2022 is your year for it to be awesome.
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