St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Collection

Wow – is it almost St. Patrick’s day, already??  Three more days and it’s time for all those Irish treats.  Need some recipes?  Well then, read on!  (we have six for you!)

St. Pattys (1)

Start of any meal with soup – How about an Irish Potato soup?


And serve it up with a side of traditional Irish Soda Bread!


And what’s more Irish and a bowl of Potatoes?  Colcannon is a potato dish that has kale, Irish bacon and Irish butter – rich and delicious!


And what would St. Patty’s be without Corned beef and Cabbage?  Here’s a simple version to cook for dinner!


Another traditional one-pot Irish meal is Irish Coddle – Potatoes, carrots and onions, Bangers and Irish bacon – all complete this hearty and deliciously Irish dish!


And finally – what better to top off an Irish meal than with Irish coffee!!  I love this stuff – one cup is never enough!



So there you have it – Six Irish recipes to choose from!  Try one, or try them all.  You’ll be sayin’ erin go bragh (Ireland forever) before you know it!


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5 Responses to St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Collection

  1. How fun!! I think the Irish coffee is my favorite… but off to pin that potatoes and kale thing too! ;P

  2. Erlene says:

    Nice round-up of St. Patrick’s Day recipes. It’s always nice to celebrate with good food.

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