The Best BBQ Tips for Making Your Summer Cooking That Much Better

There’s nothing better than the smell of BBQ in the summer. Yes, I know it’s still winter, but now is a good time to start getting things in order. As the weather heats up, so do our grills and it’s time to get those tasty burgers and hot dogs ready for their cookout debut. But there is much more to grilling than just flipping a burger now and then. Here are some tips for making your BBQ that much better.

Person Grilling Sausages and Patties at a Backyard

Invest In The Best BBQ

You don’t want to head out to the grill without the right tools. There are many tools that can make your grilling more efficient and enjoyable. First, a good BBQ grill will drastically improve your cooking experience and results. Check out the BBQGuys to see what’s available. Investing in these tools may seem expensive at first, but they’ll certainly pay for themselves with their versatility and ease of use. For example, an offset smoker grill is an excellent investment for anyone who loves smoking meats or trying new recipes. You can cook with different wood chips and use the smoker grill to smoke any meat or fish.

Cook From Room Temperature Not Chilled

You may have been told you should always cook your food from cold, but that’s not always the case. To get an authentic taste of summer, cook your food at room temperature. If you start with chilled food, it will take longer to cook, and your meat will be tough and dry. Chilled food might work great in some dishes, but it’s not what you want for BBQ.

Oil Grates When Hot

The first tip is to oil the grates when they get hot. This will prevent food from sticking and create a nice, even browning on your food. You can use any cooking oil you want. Just mop it on top of the grill’s surface and let it heat up before you start.

Grilled Meat On Charcoal Grill

Use Thermometer

One of the best ways to make your BBQ better is with a thermometer. You want to cook your food at the right temperature, and a thermometer can help you get it just right.

A thermometer will tell you when it’s time to take your meat off the grill and when you need to change up your cooking method. Additionally, a good meat thermometer will tell you if there are any bacteria in your meat. A regular kitchen thermometer won’t do the job because it doesn’t have an accurate reading for meat. A meat thermometer has a precise reading that ranges from 32 degrees all the way up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit (depending on how well done you want your food). 

Use Sauce At The Last Minute

If you’re worried about your BBQ sauce not tasting the same once it’s heated up, don’t be. The flavors will intensify after it is cooked. Try adding sauce at the last minute for that added punch of flavor!

Person Holding Grilled Cheese Burger


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