Tips To Help Your Children Enjoy Healthy Foods

As a parent, it will be in your mind whenever mealtime comes around that you want to cook something full of goodness. Although it isn’t easy avoiding unhealthy foods when kids ask for them, it is easier than you might think. 


With these simple tips, you can start to help your children love wholesome and nourishing foods that they won’t complain about. 

Try new recipes

Your children might be bored and frustrated with the healthy meals that you give them because they eat them too often. Even though your chicken and vegetable risotto might taste wonderful, it might be too much of the same thing for your children. Hence, it is a good idea to try something new and different

For instance, you could try a grilled flank steak recipe that will show you that you can cook something  pretty good that you probably didn’t know you could.  And you could find something new that your kids will be excited about. 

The more new recipes you experiment with, the more healthy dishes you will find that your kids really enjoy. Hence, you can create a recipe book and keep your children satisfied with every meal.

Use more colors than green

Green vegetables are one thing that many children complain about. They must associate green with health and instantly think ‘no’.  So to ensure that they still eat vegetables and help them enjoy them, it will be a smart trick to use other colored vegetables. For instance, instead of filling their pasta dishes with green vegetables (that they will likely pick out), you could use orange carrots, red tomatoes, purple beets, or other vegetables that are not green. 

Allow your children to make their own plates


Another smart trick to help your children enjoy healthier meals is to let them make their own plates. Tell them they have to pick something from each cooked dish, but they have control over how much of each thing that they eat. They will still eat the vegetables (or other bits that they usually complain about) and they have been rewarded with the responsibility of plating up their own food. 

Ask them what they want

Speaking of giving children food responsibility, it can also be useful to ask them what they want. Instead of forcing them to eat certain meals, you can ask what they actually want and fulfill their desires from time to time. It won’t be a smart move to do this every day as you will lose control, but asking them once or twice a week (maybe as a weekend treat) will allow them to have some sense of control and say over what they are eating. 

These small tips might seem like nothing, but they will indeed help your children enjoy healthy foods more and more. Simply trying new recipes and using various colored vegetables will allow them to find more enjoyment in what they are eating and also, find less to complain about.

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