Top Ten Recipes of 2018

Wow! We had a lot of visitors this year – I’m so excited! And we’re just a month away from our fourth birthday. So all of you that have made this blog grow –


  Here are recipes for the top ten most visited posts of 2018 –

If you’re looking for something great to cook that’s easy, keep reading!  There are some great recipes in this list.

Coming in First – Sea Salt and Vinegar Wings. Although this post is from 2016, it had over 2,o00 visits in 2018!

Next up – a super easy, hearty dish. Slow Cooked Beef Shanks with Potatoes and Onions.

3rd Place – Smoked Beef Brisket. With this one we learned that smoking a brisket reduces it to about half of what you started with – So get a big brisket ’cause this is good!!

Next up – A Christmas dish from Norway; Ribbe & Norwegian Christmas Cabbage.

And for fifth place we have have some more poultry! Cornish Hens Roasted with Lemon Pepper.

Next in line – Ribs!! Slow Roasted BBQ Ribs. Tender and Juicy and SO easy!!

Moving on to Pub Food – Easy Pickled Eggs. Perfect with a beer and pretzels!

 One of my favorites and a recipe I use often – Rustic Sourdough Bread – Not as Hard as you Think! And it’s not!

I love flat iron steaks. Here’s one that adds an addictive flavor contrast; Steak – Salty Sweet Flat Iron Steak. You’ll use this one more than once!

And finally, a delicious meal that is super simple! Pork Chops with Gnocchi – A simple week Night Dinner.

Hope you found something here to enjoy! And I hope you’ll be back again and again.

Happy New Year!


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Here are some things that are perfect to use for these recipes!

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  1. Teresa says:

    Everything looks great. Saving this post to go through it in more detail later.
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!

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