New Mexico Sopapillas


New Mexico is home to the puffy little breads called sopapillas. A fried bread that has a pocket in the middle. Go anywhere in New Mexico and you’ll find sopapillas filled with meats or cheese or honey – a versatile form of fry bread.

When my husband and I took a road trip through the four corners region of the U.S. (Utah, Arizona, New Mexico & Colorado), I remember stopping at a little hole in the wall cafe on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico. The thing I remember the most about this meal was the half moon pastry that was saturated in honey and cinnamon – it was called, yep, you guessed it, a sopapilla.


They say that sopapillas originated in Albuquerque, New Mexico. And now, all over the state you can find these little fried breads covered in honey or stuffed with meat, cheese and peppers. This recipe is for a sweet sopapilla, slathered with local honey. Continue reading

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Buffalo Legs & Fries


I love buffalo wings but my husband doesn’t like how little meat you get on a wing. Well, I was in the mood for some hot wings so I bought some legs and instead.

This dish is super simple. I used Frank’s Buffalo Wing Sauce (a brand and no, I’m not getting paid to promote it – I just really like the stuff), but you can use any hot sauce that you like.


Just add a salad to this super simple sheet pan dinner and you’ve got a great week night meal! Continue reading

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What’s for Dinner? Sunday link up #130


Eight days into December. Can you believe this year is almost over? The time has passed really quickly this year. And now we’re gearing up for the holiday – making plans, shopping, cleaning. And still, every night, someone asks…

what's for dinner?

  This is the home of a collection of fabulous recipes! A collaboration of ideas ~ And we want yours!

It’s What’s for Dinner!

So come on in and party with us!

Share as many as five RECIPES you haven’t shared in the last month!

               Remember, be sure there is an edible recipe in your post.

 Here are the some delicious ideas that were shared last week (and not just for dinner!):

 Please stop by and visit our featured bloggers – next week might be you!

Continue reading

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Arizona Chimichanga


We’ve been moving from state to state since January and we’ve covered a lot of ground! Today we head to Arizona.

The only official state food in Arizona is the Apache trout, yet in all the research I did and all the times I visited the state, I rarely saw any fish dishes. What I did find is a lot of Mexican inspired dishes and food that was used by the natives in the area.

But I did find one thing that you can get almost anywhere in Arizona – the Chimichanga.

The story goes…in the mid-1950s the owner/chef of El Charro’s cafe accidentally invented this fun and delicious food. She accidentally dropped a big burrito into the deep fryer. And the result is history.

Arizona Chimichanga

The original is a big – like as big as a newspaper (remember those) big! But at our house we like to stick to real person portions, so we made a smaller version of this fabulous meal. Continue reading

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It’s the Great Cookie Exchange!


Cookies, cookies, cookies!!

It’s a cookie exchange!
Here is the place to find some recipes for cookies and to share your own amazing ideas – Year around!  Cookies aren’t just for Christmas you know –


Cookies have been around for centuries. The soft, chewy ones are cookies, but the crisp cookies are referred to as biscuits in many places.  And every year at Christmas, people go cookie crazy!

Modern Christmas cookies can trace their roots all the way back medieval times! The use of such spices as cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg has been around for a very long time. Queen Elizabeth I requested gingerbread cookies be cut in people shapes to honor visiting dignitaries. hence, gingerbread men! Cookies were originally made to test oven temperatures (when stoves were fueled with wood or coal).

During the great depression, parents had children leave cookies for Santa to help them learn the value of sharing. As a result, Santa now eats over Three Hundred MILLION cookies each year! That’s a lot of cookies so you better get cooking!

Browse the links below and share your own!  Remember, only sweet treats allowed! Bake some and share some – and have some fun!

The rules are easy –

Share only sweet treats

Visit 2 or 3 of the other cookies – and leave them a comment!

That’s it – So on to the Cookie Exchange Party! Continue reading

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