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Clam Chowder II – Gluten free and super easy!

This recipe is similar to the previously posted clam chowder, but a little easier to make and, I think tastes better!!  The New and Improved Clam Chowder!

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Crock-pot Mexican Pozole (Pork and Hominy stew)

Real Mexican Pozole has many more ingredients (like pig and chicken feet) and takes the whole day to make.  This version is easy to prepare and tastes delicious! Put it in the crock-pot before you go to work, chop the … Continue reading

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The History of Soup

History suggests that soup has been around since the dawn of man.  Evidence of pottery capable of boiling water goes back more than 25,000 years ago.  Early man boiled bones to render the fats and it is not unfeasible to … Continue reading

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Grandpa’s Potato Cheese Soup

It’s National Soup month!  A perfect time of year for a hot bowl of goodness!  The rest of the month will be soups that are simple enough for a week-night dinner!  And to start the parade – Grandpa’s Potato cheese … Continue reading

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What’s for Dinner – Sunday Link up #27

Wow!!  Thank you to everyone who posted last week – you made it the BIGGEST party yet!  Let’s see if we can make this week even bigger! Please – visit your favorite posts and share this blog with your friends! … Continue reading

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