Breakfast Ideas To Start The Day Right


 It’s often been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets you up for a productive and energized day at work, or for your weekend activities. There are plenty of options to get something nutritious and delicious into your stomach. You may wake up craving a candied bacon pancakes with bourbon maple syrup, but just can’t muster the energy or time to make yourself anything but the simplest of dishes. Not to worry, below are three fantastic breakfast ideas to ensure you have the energy to get you through until lunch, without taking half the morning to make it.


This may sound like a dull affair, but it’s one of the best breakfasts you can go for. Because it’s often made with milk (or a dairy-free alternative) you get some healthy fats into your diet right away and it’s loaded with complex carbohydrates.  It’s perfect for that slow-release energy that will keep you going for hours.

Now, of course, oatmeal on its own may sound a little unappetizing, but that’s where the toppings and flavorings come in. Add in some fruit like blueberries or raspberries for some antioxidants and fiber, a little maple syrup or honey can add sweetness to the porridge too. You may balk at the idea of adding so much sugar, but the quick release fructose will perk you up instantly and keep you energized till your body can utilize the slow-release energy from the oats. If you are a bit of a chocoholic, you can even add a teaspoon of dark cocoa powder for extra yumminess. Like the fruit, dark chocolate is a good source of antioxidants, so you don’t have to feel too guilty about adding it to your breakfast.


The humble omelette is the king of fast breakfasts. Crack a couple of eggs, add a dash of milk, whisk, and fry. Job done. Eggs are a packed with protein, are a good source of dietary cholesterol, and are low in saturated fat. All of which makes them a great source of fat in your diet, which you need to help you absorb vitamins and supply your body with energy. Be careful not to overdo it though, two or three should be more than sufficient for a meal to get you through until lunchtime. You could add toppings to your omelette to add some other healthy nutrients to it. Mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, and many other things, can add a bit of variety to your meal while offering a little more to your diet than just healthy fats and protein.

Grab a shake

You may have woken up late or may just not be the kind of person who likes taking the time to sit down to a big breakfast every morning, but that doesn’t make it okay to skip the meal altogether. There is a huge quantity of weight loss or gain shakes, and meal replacement shakes out there, but many of them are filled with empty calories, that is to say, carbohydrates as sugar. This is not a healthy way to meet your calorie requirements for a meal, especially for breakfast. Slow-release energy is the call of the day. It’s very easy to make your own, and it can actually work out cheaper than some of the pre-made supplements you can buy.

Companies like MyProtein offer oats in a convenient fine-ground format, meaning they can be mixed easily with milk, or your chosen alternative, in a shake bottle. Add a scoop of protein powder if you’re exercising regularly and need the extra intake, and any other powdered supplements you might be taking, and you have yourself a convenient meal on the go. You can drink it on your drive to work and not lose any time in the mornings. Just be sure to stay hydrated through the day because oats can soak up a lot of water in the stomach.

Don’t forget your multivitamin

All of the options above have a healthy source of fat in them, and there’s a reason for that. Fat a good source of slow-release energy and helps your body to absorb vitamins into your bloodstream. By taking a multivitamin with breakfast, you help give you body a boost with the nutrients it needs through the day. You could take a generic multivitamin, but there are also plenty of companies offering custom mixes of vitamins and minerals to help boost your wellness in ways that a normal multivitamin can’t. Check out some le-vel reviews to see if products like this could benefit you.

There you have it, three quick and easy ideas to make sure that you’re starting your day right with a healthy, nutritious breakfast. Now there’s no excuse.

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