Do The Healthy Alternatives To Your Favorite Foods Really Stack Up?

January is the time where most people end up thinking more about their health and diet than they have in months. After the holiday season, most us of feel like we could do with a bit of a break from the sheer amount of food that we’ve been eating. This means that a lot of people are looking for healthier alternatives to their favorite foods so that they can stay healthy without having to give up everything that they like. Which begs the question: how well do these alternatives stack up? Are they the kinds of things that will lead you to totally change your life because they’re so good, or are they just going to make you wish you could go back to your old treats? Here are a few healthy alternatives to some of your favorite foods, and how well they actually stack up.


A lot of people in the modern era simply can’t function without their morning coffee. It helps them feel refreshed, alert, and ready to face the day. But too much coffee isn’t exactly what you’d call healthy. For one thing, it’s a major diuretic. Not only that but caffeine can have some pretty negative side effects for many people. Which is why so many people have become such big fans of Le-Vel Thrive. The idea behind Thrive is to take all of the great taste and comfort of a warm cup of joe while also being able to support a healthy lifestyle. With plenty of antioxidants and plant extracts, it’s perfect for those who want their morning coffee to be a more effective part of a healthy lifestyle.   

Veggie chips

Potato chips are one of the tastiest, most addictive snacks out there. They’re the kind of thing that can just keep munching on all day long. However, they’re also very greasy, salty and high in calories. Which is why you might want to try veggie chips instead. There are plenty of options as to the kinds of chips that you can get, or even make, from kale chips to dried parsnips, or my favorite – beets. Many of them have a much more interesting flavor than standard potato chips too.

Baked fries

Now, that might sound like something of an oxymoron but if you want to enjoy a delicious plate of fries without them having to be incredibly greasy and unhealthy then baking them is one of the best options. That way you’re able to avoid using too much oil which can be disastrous for your health. Not only that but they’re incredibly easy to cook this way, and they still taste just as great!


Now, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in your favorite comfort foods now and then, even if they’re not especially healthy. However, the key is to have them in moderation. These kinds of foods only really become an issue when you reach the point where you have them on a constant basis, and they’re forming a staple part of your diet.

So go out and be healthy!

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2 Responses to Do The Healthy Alternatives To Your Favorite Foods Really Stack Up?

  1. Great swaps Helen! I love veggie chips and baked fries are on my plate daily! I find for most people once they make the switches and start eating healthier they don’t crave the greasy stuff anymore!

    • HelenFern says:

      I absolutely love beet chips – but I like to make them myself because the ones in the store seem to be greasy with way too much salt. But I do occasionally crave the garbage. :( LOL – thanks for stopping by Patrick!

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