What Are We Even Supposed To Be Eating?

The hardest part of achieving a healthy diet is figuring out exactly what you’re supposed to be eating. There’s so much conflicting information from different sources. You know you’re supposed to get your vitamins and nutrients, but you might be a little confused as to where you’re supposed to get them from. For example, you know you can get protein from meat but over-consumption of meat can lead to other health problems. And you know you should eat fruit and vegetables but you need other things in your diet in order to be healthy. It’s just a continuous cycle and you can never seem to win. Well, let’s put a stop to all of that and talk about the things you should include in your diet in order to find a healthy balance in your lifestyle.


Breakfast: the most important meal of the day but the one we often neglect. And if there is enough time for breakfast in the morning, most of us wolf down some toast and dash out of the door. There’s nothing wrong with toast, of course, but you want to make sure you’re sustaining yourself at the beginning of the day. It’s probably been half a day since you last ate so you’re literally “breaking” your “fast”. This should arguably even be the biggest meal of the day. Wheat-based and oat-based cereals are definitely good options, and you could even consider oat-based milk or soya milk (especially if dairy-based milk often makes you feel bloated – too much dairy isn’t necessarily the healthiest option).

You could even try out the Le-Vel nutrient shake if you’re looking for something in the morning that isn’t just healthy for you but gives you energy for the rest of the day. And that’s the balance you should want, at the end of the day. You want to include things in your diet that aren’t just healthy for you but make you feel healthy. You should still be enjoying the things you eat each morning.  Ditch the sugar-filled snack-based cereals, of course, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t delicious healthy alternatives.


This is one of the easiest meals of the day to turn into something healthy. A sandwich or wrap, a piece of fruit, and a snack (we’re all allowed the occasional treat) is the perfect combination for a healthy health. One of the great things about sandwiches is that you can fill them with a seemingly endless amount of food. Throw a little spinach in there because this superfood gives you all the iron in a very small quantity. Cucumber is a great superfood too; a few slices of this on your sandwich is a great way to sneak in those important vitamins and nutrients. A great addition to a healthy lunch is a banana, an apple, or any other fruit and you’re done. Just get a little creative.


When it comes to dinner, there are a million different routes you could take in order to make this meal more healthy. Why not go for home-cooked foods, for example? If you like a good burger now and then (who doesn’t?), you could easily make a healthy alternative in your own kitchen without any meat at all. We’re talking about bean burgers, of course. It doesn’t mean you have to go vegetarian or vegan. But cutting down meat can help to make your diet a lot healthier and some the alternatives are often just as tasty. But remember, the key to a healthy diet is variety. You’re allowed unhealthy treats in moderation as long as you’re eating all the right foods as well.

So there you have it. A day’s worth of healthy ideas to keep you feeling fantastic.

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