The Healthiest Superfoods And How To Incorporate Them Into Your Diet

Superfoods are something that just about everybody should make an effort to eat for optimal health.  The only problem?  Most people don’t know what to do with them! This is understandable.  After all, they can look, taste, and smell funny.  Some of them are great alone, but for others, you’re going to need to add them to your cooking to get the full benefits of them.  You wouldn’t want to try to eat a spoonful of chia seeds alone!

Here’s a list of some of the healthiest superfoods and how you can incorporate them into your diet:

Matcha Powder

Matcha powder is one of the healthiest possible superfoods you can incorporate in your diet.  It’s bright green, and it can be used in numerous delicious ways.  Some people choose to simply mix with hot water and drink it.  This is how monks have used the powder for years and I find the flavor delicious!  It’s so popular because it gives you clarity and focus, without any of the jitteriness of coffee, like the most effective green tea you could possibly drink.  It’s also been linked with weight loss and a faster metabolism.  Take a look at the benefits for yourself.

Don’t like the taste of matcha powder?  You can make just about anything you want with it.  Add it to a fruit smoothie, or make an ice lolly. Some people like to make matcha ice cream and even matcha cake! The list is endless.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds come in colors white and black, but it does not make a difference which you choose.  They both have high levels of protein, healthy fats, and fibre, and can make a wonderfully healthy addition to any meal.  They can be sprinkled over salads, added to overnight oats, and so much more.  They’re great at soaking up moisture, so bear that in mind.  Drink plenty of water and only consume 1/2 oz of these per day!

Cacao Nibs/Powder

If you love a chocolate fix but you want to do it the healthy way, using cacao (pronounced ca-cow) nibs or powder is a great way to do so.  You can top your cereal or oatmeal with the nibs, and add the powder to smoothies.  You can even make a healthy hot chocolate. If you choose to liven up your cereal with this, make sure you only choose healthy cereals.

Ingredients like trisodium phosphate can be found in cereal, and they are seriously unhealthy.  Find out more here  You don’t want to defeat the object of adding superfoods to your diet!


Kale is a green leafy vegetable, full of micronutrients and goodness.  Some people like to chew it raw, but it can be tough to eat.  Instead, why not stop any chip cravings by baking kale in the oven with a little salt, pepper, and lemon juice?  You can even add your own toppings to create unique flavors.


Spinach is another green leafy vegetable, but you don’t have to eat it raw like Pop Eye.  To enjoy the nutrients that spinach has to offer, why not add it to a banana and peanut butter smoothie?  It’ll turn green, but it will still taste delicious!

Which of these superfoods is your favorite?  I can’t decide!


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  1. Kale, I love it and its so versatile .

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