Buddha’s Hand (AKA Fingered Citron)

What the heck is that thing?


I’ve seen the Buddha’s hand on cooking shows and never knew what it was or what you could do with it.  Well, here are three things to make and a little background on this odd looking fruit

 The Buddha’s hand is a shrub growing citrus plant.  But unlike other citrus, there is no juice and no seeds.  The entire interior is the pithy white part that you find just inside the citrus skin – but this pithy white part is not bitter.


It is a lemony flavor with just a touch of floral and nuttiness.   It is one of the oldest citrus fruits and it is believed to be the predecessor to all the citrus we know today.   It is native to China and the lower Himalayas, but is now grown in the US.

These unusual fruit are in season in late fall and early winter.  I found mine at my local Safeway (grocery chain) in the produce section.  It is typically served around the New Year because it symbolizes happiness, wealth and longevity.

So what do you do with it?  You can grate it over salads or pasta or, use one of the recipes below!

Candied Buddha’s Hand (recipe here)


Buddha-Cello  (recipe here)


Chicken and Rice with Buddha’s Hand  (recipe here)



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