Cinco de Mayo – Get your Latin Flavors On!

Today is Cinco de Mayo!  Some people think that this is the Mexican Independence day (sort of like our 4th of July), but it’s not.  Mexico celebrates the “Cry of Independence” on September 16 – celebrating the revolt of 1810 which ultimately freed them from the Spanish rule.  But where does May 5th fit in you ask?

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican Army’s victory over the French in 1862 during the Battle of Puebla.  Cinco de Mayo is a small holiday in Mexico (sort of like our Memorial day or President’s day), but has become quite a reason to celebrate in the US!!

So here are some dishes for you to try during this really fun holiday!

How about starting with Pork Tamales?  Not nearly as hard as you think to prepare!



Need something a little simpler to pull together tonight?  Taquitos with homemade Guacamole will do it for sure!! Quick, easy AND delicious!



Tacos!!  We need Tacos!  We like some pretty close to authentic Baja Fish Tacos?  Well here they are!


Beef Enchiladas in Red sauce are pretty easy to make too.   In a hurry?  Buy some pre-cooked beef and canned sauce – then just put them together and cook – Dinner!



You might need some sides to go with all that!  Mexican Rice is easy, low in fat and totally delicious!



A side of soup, like Sopa Azteca is a belly warming dish.  If your weather is like mine has been, a bowl of warm soup is welcomed!



And what’s Mexican food without salsa??  I like the cooked, really hot stuff, but I also like some fresh, chunky salsa – Like this Salsa Fresca



And finally – warm tortillas on the side with a little butter or avocado.  These aren’t has difficult as you might think and the flavor of a fresh tortilla is so much better than the packaged kind! Here is a recipe for Chile Corn Tortillas even a lazy chef (like me) can do!



So there are a few ideas you can pull together for your Cinco de Mayo.  And hey, it’s on a Friday – you can make the magic happen all weekend!!


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5 Responses to Cinco de Mayo – Get your Latin Flavors On!

  1. I have never made Tamales but really want to! Im definitely checking those out!

    • HelenFern says:

      They aren’t that hard to do. I was told they were SO much work – then I had a Mexican friend show me. Not so much work!! And so good!! Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. I need to try and make some home made taquitos. They are delicious.

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