Clean Out the Refrigerator Crock Pot Soup

Every November 15 is National Clean out your refrigerator day.  Yep – a day dedicated to taking out all those foods that have been in there way too long.  But what about all those left overs that are taking up space but are still good?  Do you just toss them?  No way!  Put them together into a soup.

When I cleaned out our refrigerator I found a tiny dish of chicken noodle soup, a half of a serving of buttered pasta, some fried potatoes and onions, and some celery that was starting to go limp.  There was a container with half an onion and another with some mushrooms.  But no left over meat.

So I pulled a package of boneless pork ribs from the freezer and cut them into bite sized pieces.  Dropped them in the crock pot.  Add a little beef broth and all those little bits I found on the shelves.  Add some herbs – like basil and oregano – then cooked it all up in the crock pot for 9 hours.

My husband had some before I even got home from work.  The smell was too much to resist!  I cooked up some biscuits and it was dinner!

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