Give Your Kids Good Nutrition With Easy Steps

If you have kids, surely you have dreamed a few times when they will sit at the table with you and eat the food that the whole family eats and, in fact in its healthiest versions: salad, fish, and legumes. The truth is that there are few children who chooses fruit instead of chips or a salad instead of french fries. However, if we want our children to learn to eat properly and exercise, it is not enough to “hide” the vegetables in the spaghetti sauce. There are some secrets that can help our children acquire healthier eating habits:


Make the meal fun 

Set a beautiful table. Serve the food on colored plates and bowls. If your child has a favorite hero, make sure to “play” with cutlery and napkins. Do not forget that the meal time should be pleasant for everyone, especially for young children if we want them to eat their (healthy) food with pleasure. In other words, direct their delicious adventures so that the meals have the best and most beneficial happy ending for everyone.


Put imagination on their plate

Try to find a creative way to make the dish more tempting and delicious in the eyes of the child. If, for example, your child does not want to eat burgers, make the small balls and pass them on a skewer straw, putting in between colorful peppers, tomato and cheese. Offer the food in a form that is attractive to children, such as finger foods, but keep it healthy! 

Serve in small quantities 

Do not pack children’s dishes with lots of food. Give them small portions and explain to them that, whoever is still hungry after emptying his plate, can get more. This way the children learn to listen to their body and better understand when they are full.

Set a good example

We know that one of our favorite habits is to enjoy our favorite program on TV cuddling with a big bowl of chips but if you do this often, it may give kids the wrong impression and you should lead by example. Have some fresh strawberries instead.

All together at the family table

Although the modern way of life makes it difficult, try to eat together at the table at least on the weekends. The family atmosphere created during the meal is valuable.Have the kids help you prepare the meal, then everyone sits and enjoys. The family table is much more than a meal, it is a place of exchange of feelings, views, attitudes, a strong family bond that only good can offer. 


Create a healthy diet

The Mediterranean diet is a shield of protection for our body. To balance your toddler’s diet, prepare meals that incorporate foods from 5 main food pyramid groups: dairy, fruits, vegetables, protein (meat, chicken, fish, eggs, legumes) and carbohydrates, breads, whole grains (bread, rice, potatoes).


If you want to add some healthy extras then seeds and nuts are great. Pumpkin seeds can be great and so look at the best method for roasting pumpkin seeds. Enjoy these delicious treats and get healthy!

Remember, they are watching what you do! 



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