Health on a Cracker

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Crackers are the perfect go-to snack when you want to munch on something that is relatively satisfying without having to go through the rigmarole of actually preparing something. And, crackers can be made even more perfect when you choose to top them with healthy toppings.

To see some of the most suitable and healthiest cracker toppings out there just waiting for you to give them a try, make sure to read on.

The cracker toppings that provide a valuable source of fat

Whether you spend your life trying to avoid all contact with it or not, you should know that fat is needed in our diets — just ask William Banting (or, more to the point, followers of the Banting diet). It’s more than okay to smear foods that provide a source of fat onto your crackers. So, buy pâté, hummus, cream cheese, aioli or whatever other food that is high in fat that takes your fancy. Get spreading it onto your crackers and get reaping the fat-filled benefits of doing so!

The cracker toppings that provide vital sources of protein

Protein is also something that we humans need to be incorporating into in our diets. Topping your crackers with foods that provide a high source of protein is a great way to incorporate it into yours. This could mean topping your crackers with shredded chicken breast, shaved ham or tinned salmon. If you aren’t a meat lover, this could meaning turning to feta cheese instead.

The cracker toppings that, well, are just healthy full stop!

 If you’re looking to top your cracker with something that is going to provide you with absolutely everything you could ever possibly need and want from a cracker and topping, then let that topping be a superfood. Yes, if you top your crackers with a superfood you are going to be serving yourself a meal. It will packed with all the fiber, protein and general health benefits that you need to live a long, healthy life.

When it comes to choosing what superfoods you are going to choose to adorn your crackers with, make sure to pick one that you know you are going to like and subsequently eat. No matter how healthy or ‘super’ a food is, there’s no benefit if you don’t eat it. If you’re into your sweets, then, then go ahead and top your crackers with black raspberries in order to take advantage of all the antioxidants and high phenolic compounds levels found in them. Or, if you’re quite a nutty person, then opt for walnuts instead to reap the blood pressure lowering benefits that they carry.

For a comprehensive list of all the superfoods that should be grabbing your attention, whether you intend to eat them on a cracker or not, make sure to head here.

As you can see, there are many ways to top your crackers with healthy goodness. And because of their simplicity, crackers topped with healthiness can also act as a great tool in encouraging your children to eat healthier.

So, get the crackers and start topping them with healthy goodness!

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  1. Sue Ready says:

    I thought the superfoods link was quite informative -thanks

  2. My son loves to eat biscuits and crackers and I’m looking for healthy toppings that are easy to prepare aside from the tuna and butter I usually place on top of it. Nice suggestion on shredded chicken and shaved ham. He’s a toddler and still can’t tolerate whole meats. Good info on cracker toppings.

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