International Waffle Day! A Post full of Pockets!

Who doesn’t love a waffle? You can make them sweet or savory – Breakfast, lunch or dinner – and all things in between.

Waffles have those little pockets that hold all the deliciousness you put on top making every bite a mouthful of flavor! They are made of dough or batter and cooked between to hot irons and is believed to have started in Europe. National waffle day is in August to commemorate the invention of the waffle iron in the late 1800s.

So let’s celebrate #waffleday by creating something a little different. And if you’re a traditionalist, there’s a recipe for the basic batter too!

So let’s get started. Just click on the title or the picture to go straight to the recipe.

How about just your basic buttermilk waffles. You can make them just like this and add syrup, or use this as the foundation for something new and delightlful!



Breakfast and bacon – what better way to celebrate a waffle than with the Maple Bacon Sourdough Waffles.  We like a little savory waffle too.



Check out some Waffle Tacos? All the flavors of a taco perched on a delicious waffle!



Cornbread Waffles and Chili would work for any meal of the day! And satisfying too!



And last but not least, Savory Potato Waffles with Ham and Gravy.


So now pick a waffle and celebrate the day!

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Here are some things that are perfect to use for this recipe!

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3 Responses to International Waffle Day! A Post full of Pockets!

  1. Nanchi says:

    You are so creative with the waffle recipes. I love savoury ones. Thank you for sharing! :)

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