What’s for Dinner? Sunday Link up #246

I made it to the grocery store this week. I went during the 7am to 9am for us old folks – NOT – There were long lines at both doors and less than half were older people. And they all be-lined it t the toilet paper isle – It was really a nightmare!! This week I’m going to go at noon so there isn’t the TP crowd!

But I digress…

In these times of uncertainty; times of confusion; we still need to eat. So when you shop, make sure you have everything you need to answer the question…


what's for dinner?

  This is the home of a collection of fabulous recipes! A collaboration of ideas ~ And we want yours!

It’s What’s for Dinner!

So come on in and party with us!

Share as many as five RECIPES you haven’t shared in the last month!

               Remember, be sure there is an edible recipe in your post.

 Here are the some delicious ideas that were shared last week (and not just for dinner!):

 Please stop by and visit our featured bloggers – next week might be you!

Thanks for sharing your great food last week. I didn’t get out to every entry due to the craziness at work and in the world around me. But I’m home this week and I’ll be out to see you all!

And here are the top four most visited posts – 

Spring is in the air, and Mother’s day is around the corner. It’s a great time for a tea party! Clair Justine shared Afternoon Tea Recipes

Afternoon Tea Recipes: Spoil Your Mum On Mother's Day


A great morning includes a cup of coffee and a warm, sweet slice of bread. This Carrot Raisin Quick Bread from Treat & Trick would fill the bill nicely!

Carrot Raisin Quick Bread  Recipe @ treatntrick.blogspot.com


Here’s one that’s quick and easy and really delicious from Cindy’s On-Line Recipe Box. Mom’s Salmon Patties with Dill Sauce – I can almost taste them now!



And then there is dessert. Feast your eyes on this elegant and rich dish. Marilyn’s Treats shared this amazing Butter Cake Cherries Jubilee.

There is nothing more impressive than Butter Cake Cherries Jubilee Flambe.

So are you ready to get cookin’ now?

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The Lazy Gastronome - what's for dinner feature

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 If you shared a post in the last 30 days, please share something different! Repeat posts will be deleted. And thanks in advance! 

We want people coming back every week. If our recipes are the same ones every week, people will stop coming by

Thank you for playing along!

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The Lazy Gastronome Dinner

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We’ve got the answer to what’s for dinner!

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26 Responses to What’s for Dinner? Sunday Link up #246

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  4. Hope you are fairing well in quarantine! tried to share something people might have in their pantries this week. Stay safe and sane!

    • HelenFern says:

      Pantry cooking!! We’re getting good at it. I have gone out to the market a couple times but it makes me nervous!! So glad you joined the party. Have a safe and healthy week.

  5. I’m liking those Salmon Patties! Thanks for hosting! I brought by some Coconut Walnut Bars. Hope you enjoy. :)

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  8. We have the same problem here in the grocery stores. There are many things we can’t get. My daughter-in-law is going at 2 week intervals to minimize exposure. It is a hit or miss we can get what we need. We can’t get the distilled water we need for. My cpap machine. It is scary. Thank you for featuring my Cherries Jubilee. It really is as easy as a cake mix and can of cherries! Thank you for hosting! This is what I featured the week of 3-23 to 3-27 on my blog. On Tuesday was Banana Walnut Bread. Wednesday was my very own Banana Split Dump and Go Pie. Thursday was Blueberry Banana Bread With a Secret Touch. And winding up this Banana Week of Goodies is Tip Friday Keeping Eggs Fresh. Enjoy!

    • HelenFern says:

      I think if you boil tap water it should work in the c-pap. I’m so excited to see what you bring. Making my list of things I want to make while we’re all in captivity!! Thanks for joining the party every week Marilyn. I really appreciate you and the delicious things you bring. Be safe and healthy!!

  9. Miz Helen says:

    We are certainly challenged in many area’s of our life right now, and all of this wonderful food sure helps us get throught it. Thanks so much for the party and you have a healthy week!
    Miz Helen

    • HelenFern says:

      That’s the truth Helen – We’ve run our dishwasher more this last week than ever!! It’s just the two of us!! LOL – I so appreciate the things you bring to our party and you being here every single week. Stay safe and healthy.

  10. Thanks for hosting, Helen. And please stay safe!

    • HelenFern says:

      Same to you Jhuls – everything is so uncertain and frightening. It’s nice to have our friends out here in cyberland to share with and talk to. I appreciate you bringing your delicious foods here every week and I appreciate the friendship – you take good care of yourself and your family, please.

  11. Tamy says:

    Another GREAT party – THANK YOU for hosting and keeping some normalcy for us during these trying times.. I brought desserts this week – CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CHEESECAKE, ELVIS PRESLEY POUND CAKE and SALTED CARAMEL CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE to the party. I hope you have a FANTASTIC week.

    • HelenFern says:

      It all sounds good!! My husband has become fixated on sweets so I’ll need to give some of this a try! Thanks for joining the party Tamy – stay safe and well.

  12. Suzy Godfrey says:

    This is a great time to try new recipes!…and clean out the pantry lol

  13. Megha says:

    All the contributors are so good. Thank you for the link party! :)

  14. Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. Pinned and shared. Have a lovely week. I hope to see you at next week’s party too! Pleas stay safe and healthy. Come party with us at Over The Moon! Catapult your content Over The Moon! @marilyn_lesniak @EclecticRedBarn

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