National Chili Day!

It’s National Chili Day!

Did you know the first recipe for chili (spicy meat and beans) goes all the way back to 1512?  But some folks believe it was created in San Antonio, Texas in 1828. Whenever it was created, I’m sure glad it was!

It's National Chili Day!  Here are a few great recipes to try to  celebrate that comfort food that's good for you!  Makes you feel good all over!

And chilies are good for you!  Hot chilies burn those calories by triggering the body’s thermodynamic burn – and one chili pod has more vitamin C than SEVEN oranges!  It is full of vitamins A & E, as well as folic acid and potassium.  It can relieve sinus congestion, give aid to digestion and helps with migraines and muscle and joint pain.  And it gets the blood flowing!

So now that you know how great it is, here are a few recipes to try.  And I invite you to share your own at the bottom of this post!

Do you have a great chili recipe?  Please share it here!!

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  1. I love chili and curry. It is good to know all the good things you mention about chili.


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