Interior Design For Cooking: How Should Foodies Do It?

When we think of interior design, we think of amazing living areas, bedrooms, and even bathrooms – but where does the kitchen come in? And when we do think of an interior design for kitchens, we might not always find designs ideal for our cooking setup. If you love food but still want an awesome kitchen, you might be scratching your head at this predicament. You don’t necessarily have to hurt your wallet and your eyes just looking for affordable appliances, though. You can pull off interior design for cooking with these tips:

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  • One-wall kitchens save space but still look awesome. We might think we’re still in a time where sprawling breakfast setups and open kitchens are “in,” but one-wall kitchens are slowly taking over. While having an entire wall for a kitchen can be a bit restrictive, it can be quite a beautiful addition to any home when properly organized and laid out. The trick here is to maximize your cupboard space by making floor-to-ceiling storage in a part of your wall. And then afterward, you can build in your appliances to your design. When looking for appliances, try to also look for reliable long distance movers that can help you transfer them to your home. This lessens the stress on your end to look for appliances that you can carry, instead of looking for appliances you actually like. 
  • Get in a banquette to maximize your seating. If you want an eat-in kitchen with limited kitchen space, you can build in a banquette. This can be more practical than regular tables as slide-in banquettes don’t need you to have space for chairs to slide back in tables. You can also use banquettes to help you maximize the number of guests you can have eating on your table.
  • Maximize decor by having a breakfast nook wall. Who says it’s wasted space by building a breakfast nook in your kitchen? If you have high cupboards and shelves, they can serve as a good place for a breakfast nook. You can also use the same space for dinner party servings and fine china. This way, you maximize your storage space and still display awesome items for guests to admire while you cook. 
  • Use kitchen ceiling storage. One of the most neglected areas of the kitchen is the ceiling – especially the top of the kitchen cabinets. However, you can actually use these vertical spaces as additional building space. You can use this to display larger items or even store items you don’t necessarily use but are still essential to the kitchen. 

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  • Get modular. In today’s day and age, space has to be useful all throughout. Try as much as possible to keep things practical and useful by going modular with your appliances and other accessories. For instance, an island with wheels can be moved around to suit your needs. This can be used as a buffet when eating with larger groups, or as an ordinary island for regular tables. In speaking of tables, you can have folding tables and chairs tucked inside the kitchen for future use as well. 


  • Check out trends in your area to maximize dining space. Try checking out trends in your city to find out what people do to maximize the dining space. Others fit in barstools below kitchen islands, and other bistro tables can extend into larger bistro tables should you need them. You can also have extendable tables or drop-leaf tables that can fit more guests only when needed. If you live in New York, try to look for not just movers NYC, but also trends that homeowners and other foodies follow there. This is extremely helpful if you want your kitchen to follow modern or trendy designs that others use. 

Interior Design For Foodies: Do It For The Food

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that you can actually pull off good interior design for kitchens without sacrificing the quality of your meals. Not only that, you can pull off these kinds of designs without hurting your budget and cooking experiences. With the above tips, you’ll likely be able to have a stunning kitchen and still make your meals personally yours.

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