Don’t Let Moving Get You Back Into Bad Eating Habits

Any time that you’ve a little extra on your plate (figuratively speaking) or you’re dealing with more stress, it becomes all too easy to completely ignore that kitchen of yours and to instead pull out something easy and lazy, including a handful of takeout menus. However, that leads to a slippery slope back into habits that are good for no-one. Here’s how to ensure your move doesn’t affect your eating habits too badly.

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Prepare meals ahead of time

The days right before the move, moving day itself, and the few days after the move are going to be the most challenging of all. You’re going to have plenty to do, so finding time to cook might not be all that easy. For that reason, look at meals that you can prepare and chill ahead of time, that require nothing more than a little heat to get ready.

Make the move as stress-free as possible

You’re going to have a lot less stress to cope with if you actually take the time to prepare for the move in the right way. Learn more about movers in your area way in advance. Start packing your stuff early, putting away what you don’t need first. Label and pack in a way that makes your items much easier to organize by room. Sell and donate what you don’t need so you have less to pack. Do what it takes to make moving much easier on yourself.

Get the kitchen ready as soon as possible

If you want to spend more time in your new kitchen, then you have to make it a kitchen that you actually want to spend time in. Aside from getting all the essentials up and running as soon as possible and unpacking the kitchen as soon as you can, you should also look at interior design for foodies, helping you bring a little more joy and inspiration in that new space of yours so that it feels much more welcoming and sparks the love of cooking.

Pack your kitchen

So, how exactly do you make it so that you can prepare your kitchen much more quickly when moving into a new home? Packing it all together, of course. Learn more about how to pack your kitchen, figuring out what supplies you will need in advance, how to organize different utensils and appliances, and the right way to label everything so that it’s easier to find the kitchen must-haves before the kitchen nice-to-haves. After all, you don’t need to unpack absolutely everything to enjoy a meal on your first few nights home.

Do a shop as soon as you move

The day after you arrive, even if you have yet to unpack everything, you should make time for a grocery shop, especially if you’re running out of pre-prepared foods. Plan some meals and get the ingredients you need. You’re a lot less likely to skip cooking if you think it might waste some food.

With the tips above, hopefully you can ensure that you’re always eating well, no matter how hectic things might be getting in the old home.

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2 Responses to Don’t Let Moving Get You Back Into Bad Eating Habits

  1. Leslie says:

    This is such good advice Helen! The last time we moved, I couldn’t find the utensils for 3 days. No matter how prepared you think you are, moving is stressful!

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