Meatless Appetizers – Crackers Three Ways

I love topping crackers with cheese and smoked meats. Eating those little morsels feels to indulgent and delicious. But what if you don’t eat meat? Or you’re having a party with some guests that are vegetarian? What kind of cracker toppers are meatless and mouth-watering? Here are three different combinations that will delight vegetarians and carnivores alike!

Spread the crackers with cream cheese – either regular cream cheese or a sharper creamy cheese like brie or camembert.

The first cracker has lemon curd on top of the cheese. That’s topped with very thin slices of Meyer lemon. Meyer lemons are a thin-skinned fruit. The flavor is sweeter, not so sour like regular lemons and the skin is sweet and edible.

Looking for a classic? You guessed it, peanut butter and jelly. I used lingonberry jam. What is Lingonberry you ask? It’s similar to blackberries, but a little more tart and almost creamy in texture-flavor you’ll get addicted to.

And the third morsel – Thin strips of extra sharp cheddar cheese topped with sliced green olives. The olives and cheddar have flavor profiles that marry well. It’s one of my favorite combinations.

So make a plate, pour some sparkling cider or wine, and sit back and feel pampered!

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  1. This looks crazy good! Especially the serving….whoa I need a big piece!

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