Missouri Burnt Ends

Next state up – Missouri. My daughter lives in Kansas City and she informed me, Missouri IS burnt ends. So that’s what we’re going with.

What are bunt ends, you ask?

Bunt ends are the “point” side of the brisket, rather than the flat side. The point side is portion that has the most fat that used to be cut away and discarded. And then the pitmasters started to realize – these fatty, crispy nuggets of smokey goodness were the best part of the brisket! These glorious goodies were invented in Kansas City. Smoke, Grill, BBQ has some great info on the topic.

You make burnt ends like you make brisket. In a previous post on this site, I gave the recipe for barbecue brisket. Click here to go to it.

brisket burnt ends

If you look at this picture, right where the cut is separates the flat from the point ends. Do you see the fat in the foreground? That’s the point  – and that’s the gold.

Smoke it with the whole brisket, then cut it off and chop in to chunks. Next, put the chunks or pieces onto a piece of foil with a small amount of barbecue sauce. Now smoke it about an hour or two longer.

You can eat it right from the smoker or dress it with some more barbecue sauce. Put it on a bun or just eat it with your fingers. It’s amazing!!

Side note: When we visited Kansas City we discovered the Meat Mitch sauces and rubs. Pure K.C.!

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Here are some things that are perfect to use for this recipe!

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4 Responses to Missouri Burnt Ends

  1. Liz says:

    the crispy and burnt parts are always my favorite. Thank you for bringing this to FF.

  2. Oh my…I think I need some of those burnt ends…love them! The photos are amazing. :) #blogginggrandmotherslinkparty

    • HelenFern says:

      Oh they were so good. You see my fingers and they went straight to my mouth after the photo!! Thanks for stopping by!

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