One Pot Meals For The Whole Family

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If you are eager to make your dinner times less stressful, it’s time to take a step away from the kitchen. The global coronavirus pandemic has seen more people than ever get back into the kitchen, dust off their recipe books, and enjoy trying out some new dishes. However, when it comes to feeding your family, you have to juggle the kids doing their homework, the emails that need checking, and the housework. There often isn’t enough time in the day. Shave off some of the time you spend on meals by cooking up some one-pot oven based dishes. These are quick to prepare and don’t require your constant attention. Check out these delicious one pot meals to try.

Lamb Tagine

If you fancy rustling up some authentic cuisine from Africa, a Moroccan tagine could be ideal. With the classic tagine earthenware pits, you can layer up fragrant rice or couscous, spices, raisins, dried apricots and lamb chunks. These then sit on the stove top or are placed in an oven to cook on a low heat for at least three hours. Ensure that you source your lamb from a supplier like Superior Farms, who raise their lamb in a sustainable way and ensure the freshest and leanest cuts. A tagine will be delicious and flavorful. You can go for a spicy and chili laden tagine or opt for something more mild for the little people in the family.


one pot

A lasagna is perhaps the simplest of all one pot meals. Forget about buying the shop-bought sauces and create your own. This way, your family will be eating less sugar and preservatives. When your kids ask what is for dinner, you can present them with a wonderful Italian inspired one pot dish. Dried lasagne sheets alongside ground beef, onions, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and herbs will bind together underneath a blanket of bechamel sauce. The great thing with this one pot wonder is that you can cook up a huge lasagne and save some for the following night’s dinner. You can serve up your lasagna in the middle of the table. Add a fresh green salad and some classic garlic bread. Just like nonna used to make.


If you are partial to a pie, think about creating a meat pie for dinner. Pies are so versatile and are a great way to use up leftovers and take very little effort. Consider using a readymade shop bought pastry to limit your time in the kitchen. Shortcrust gives a thicker pastry whereas puff or ruff puff gives your pie crust a lovely flaky and light texture. For your filling, you could go traditional with a chicken and vegetable pie or perhaps you want to be more adventurous with a curried filling or a seafood alternative.

one pot

Pies can be baked one evening and then enjoyed the next as leftovers. Serve with some mashed potato, some green vegetables and some gravy. A hearty one pot meal, this is a great dish for the winter season.

One pot meals don’t need to be boring. Follow this guide and enjoy crafting one pot meals for the whole family.


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