Rotisserie Chicken – 3 Things to do with it

What a week – I’ve been so sick I don’t even want to cook. Thank heavens for rotisserie chicken! You know – that chicken that comes cooked and juicy? We never eat a whole one, so there are leftovers to be used. Here are three ideas of what you can do with that super convenient ingredient.

Chicken Soup:

What’s better than a bowl of chicken soup when you’re sick? Nothing! And here’s one that tastes homemade and whips up in less than an hour.

rotisserie chicken

Click here for the recipe

Chicken Hand Pies:

Just four ingredients are needed to make these delicious pies! Rotisserie chicken, frozen vegetables, refrigerator pie dough and mushroom soup.


Click here for the recipe


Rotisserie Chicken Tartine with Arugula and Tangerine Vinaigrette:

Here is a delicious, open-faced sandwich that is satisfying and delicious. Topped with chicken, cream cheese, tomatoes and arugula with an amazing tangerine vinaigrette.

Click here for the recipe

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4 Responses to Rotisserie Chicken – 3 Things to do with it

  1. Audrey says:

    These are great ideas. I love buying a rotisserie chicken and repurposing the leftovers.

  2. They all look yummy! Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedLinkParty 103. Shared.

  3. Lathiya says:

    These are some interesting ideas to use rotisserie chicken. I’m definitely trying that soup.

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