Simple Recipes To Get More Seafood In your Diet


Seafood is an incredibly good food source to work into your diet. Fish and shellfish are known to be packed with the nutrients, vitamins, and omega 3s that are essential for strong bones, brain development, and a healthy heart and immune system. It is also low in fat and cholesterol. Adding more seafood to your weekly meal plan is a guaranteed way to help you stock up on all the nutrients you need, and it is easy to do. To help you up your seafood intake in an easy and manageable way, here are some simple seafood meal ideas.

Fish tacos

Fish tacos are perfect for family nights or meals. They are super simple and can be as varied as you want them to be. Simply cook up some white fish, add any seasoning or flavor you want and serve up with some warm tortillas. You can get creative and mix up a salsa or salad to add to your tacos too. Tacos are the perfect versatile and easy-to-make option. 

Fish pie

Fish pie is another perfect family meal or one that owes itself to batch cooking, making it a perfect mid-week nutritious meal. You can add as many different types of fish as you want, typically cod and haddock work best. You can also make it a lower-fat, healthier version by swapping out the full-fat milk for a skimmed alternative. Oh and don’t forget to throw in some peas and serve up with green veg for added goodness. 

Lobster rolls

You can make easy lobster rolls with a handful of ingredients in a matter of minutes. Lobster rolls are a great treat and are a fresh and tasty lunch best shared with friends, they are perfect served with a side of fresh slaw and potato chips. 

Fish and Baked Wedges

A spin on the classic British ‘fish and chips’ but with a healthier twist. Typically the Brits like to deep fry their fish and chips but this alternative can still give you the same great taste but less cholesterol. Swap your fried fish for oven-baked and replace fries with home-cut potato wedges baked in the oven with a low-calorie spray. A great tasty alternative is to change your white potato for sweet potato or add a little cajun seasoning to give them a kick. 

Fish Chowder

Use your favorite white fish and salmon to create this healthy and tasty dish full of Omega 3. Fish chowder makes the perfect delicious dish for those cooler days. Be sure to add leeks and sweet corn to up your vegetable count, chives for extra taste, and omit the double cream if you want to keep the calorie count down. 


Lobster and potato salad

This is a flavorsome fresh favorite that is the perfect addition to your summer barbeque. Not to mention one that will wow your guests. 

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  1. BERNADETTE says:

    I just want to reach into the last picture and grab one of those lobster tails – yum.

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