Ten Tacos – It’s National Taco Day!

It’s National Taco Day!! And who doesn’t love tacos?

The taco is believed to have originated in the lake region of the Valley of Mexico. People put small fish inside a tortilla and rolled it. They were called “atacos”, which means to stuff. The Spanish conquistadors dropped the a and called them tacos. And it stuck. The National Taco Council was started in 1964 by Roberto Gomez – and so begins our love of tacos.

We love a good taco and to prove it, Americans ate over 4-1/2 BILLION tacos just last year.

And National Taco day is celebrated across the U.S. Check your area and I bet you find somewhere that is giving away free tacos – Or you can just make your own!

Now it’s time to get cooking!


Here are some Great Tacos:

Lets start with my favorite – the Carné Asada Taco – a delicious citrus marinated thin sliced beef that is grilled.



Here’s one for the taco bar! Tortilla “cups” to fill with delicious ingredients. Taco Cups!



One of our favorite things about Baja California was the taco stands – and the best was the fish taco.

Baja Fish Tacos


A Taco for breakfast? You bet!!

breakfast tacos


Chile and lime go fantastic together. And it’s perfect for this Chile-Lime Pork Taco!

Tacos - It's taco tuesday! Here is a chili-lime pork taco and a place for you to share more great taco inspired ideas! Check it out!


And here’s one for those looking for a vegetarian option – How about some a Chipotle & Bean Taco?



Here’s another fish option – Salmon Tacos with Chipotle Crema.


Grilled Shrimp tacos are great one for firing up the grill with company.

Shrimp tacos


On the other hand, no tortillas? How about a Waffle Taco?


Finally, and last on the list (for now), Green Chile Chicken Soft tacos.


So there you have ten different taco ideas. What kind of taco will you make tonight?

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  1. Jenna says:

    Great selection of tasty tacos!

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